In September 2015 the United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals stressing the urgency to take action. Being more sustainable means taking into account the needs of today by not compromising the needs of future generations. Operating business as usual, this principle cannot be followed. Thus, a change is needed and everyone should take part in this.

Together with Erasmus Involved and its partnering organisations Green EUR, we present the third edition of the Erasmus Sustainability Days in 2018. Our goal is to engage students to become more familiar with sustainability and eventually inspire them to be part of the change.

The Erasmus Sustainability Days 2018 will take place in March 2018 on the campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. During the three days of the event all students can sign up for various events including a fair, social drinks and presentations. You will have the chance to get in touch with start-ups and multinationals, with speakers as well as directors, that have committed themselves to being a frontrunner in sustainability. For more information regarding last year's participating companies and the events please refer to the program page.

The Erasmus Sustainability Days Committee will formed by a group of students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam deeply concerned with the topic of sustainability. It is the aim of the committee to bring this topic closer to all students of this university by engaging them to be part of the journey of change. The committee that will organize the event will consist of six members. The 2017 committee can be viewed on the commitee page.

We are currently recruiting a new committee for 2018. If you're interested, please send your CV and a short motivation letter to chairman@sustainabilitydays.nl before the 8th of october.