Committee 2017


Jessie Yang,
Master Marketing Management

The Erasmus Sustainability Days is a great chance for students to gain a better understanding of the solutions of businesses to global issues. Get involved! Join the Erasmus Sustainability Days and learn how to be a part of the change.

External Affairs

Menno Ottens,
Pre-Master Public Administration

The Erasmus Sustainability Days aim to show the different facets of sustainability. As a Public Administration student, I'm especially interested in how sustainability works out in public policy. How do you manage the change of society as a whole? Which organizations and societal groups must be mobilized? Hopefully the Erasmus Sustainability Days will provide some of the answers!

External Affairs

Maria Carmen Punzi,
Master Global Business and Sustainability

Becoming more conscious about what it means to live sustainably enriched my life, made me more grateful and attentive to what I own and what I purchase. I believe the Erasmus Sustainability Days to be the perfect opportunity for students to become familiar with sustainability while getting to know how businesses are involved. It will be an inspiring venue to meet the people and companies that are making an impact. Now it’s up to you! How will you make a change?

Event Manager


Master Business Information Management

I believe that students are the entrepreneurs of the future and they should take sustainability into consideration in order to maintain the quality of life. We therefore invite YOU to be part of the change! The Erasmus Sustainability Days is an excellent opportunity for all the students  to explore the fascinating world of sustainability.


Henry Sung,
Master Media, Culture & Society

For me sustainability translates to making a world a better place in a tangible and long-lasting way. At the Erasmus Sustainability Days you can find out what it means for you.


Aleksandar Zdravkovski,
Master Financial Economics

Erasmus Sustainability Days is an amazing opportunity to taste the journey to the sustainable future that the business world is aiming for through exciting workshops and presentations.