Panel Discussion


24th of March 2016

The panel discussion will provide insights on circular economy from very different perspectives and fields of expertise. The focus will be on trends in circular economy, the role of circular economy in the future and the role of the consumer. Also, a critical side-note will be made and limitations to the concept, from the perspective of production, will be discussed. The discussion will be interactive, in order for students from a variety of backgrounds to contribute to the discussion. The discussion will be facilitated by a moderator, Steve Kennedy, and feature the following panelists: 



Steve Kennedy (Moderator)

Steve Kennedy will facilitate the discussion. He is an Assistant Professor researching corporate sustainability, climate change and sustainability-oriented innovation within the Centre of Corporate Eco-Transformation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Dr Kennedy’s current research focuses on how corporate sustainability strategies are translated into successful innovation and the formation of future-ready sustainable business models. Dr Kennedy combines his research role with teaching 'Climate Change Strategy Role-Play' and 'Sustainability Leadership and Planetary Boundaries' at the MSc level.

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Rob Mienis (Guest Speaker)

Being the Trade Marketing Manager for Van Geloven Snacks (Mora), he is responsible for understanding consumer shopping behavior and consumer trends. He will provide his insights in the production industry, consumer thinking and the limits of circular economy.



Dominique Hermans (Alliander) - CSR Consultant CO2 & Circularity

Dominque is currently working for Alliander as a CSR consultant focused on Circularity and CO2-reduction. She can provide valuable insights into working with circular economy at different levels of the value-chain. She is responsible for Allianders ‘’planet’’ strategy, including strategic programmes on reducing our CO2 footprint and creating a circular way of working towards 'zero waste' and smart recycling options. 
Working towards a sustainable energy system means taking responsibility of one's own footprint and material use. . 
Her added value translates into inspiring, co-creating and acting impactfully for a better world and Alliander as a leading sustainable role model.



Maurice van Rooijen (Movares/Jonge Geesten - Trendwatcher)

Maurice is currently Innovation Strategic at Movares , the leading railway consultancy and engineering firm in the Netherlands.
Movares is also Co-founder of Duurzame Leverancier®  of which Maurice is strategic advisor.
Maurice is also Founder of Jonge Geesten® an agency that focuses on co-creation with different Generations to create awareness among organizations and individuals. He will provide insights into working with different value systems and the expected trends within the field of circular economy,
With Jonge Geesten® ( he states that it is no longer a choice how organizations have to deal with sustainable and transparency. It determines our survival and the future of the next generation, for whom they wants to create a brighter future. Jonge Geesten® therefore supports ambitions in the field of sustainable and/or circular issues. In this way we help people and organizations to create, construct and put into motion.
There newest initiative is Circulaire Economie Bouw Maurice is also Boardmember of Stichting de BouwCampus. It is a place on the TU Delft campus where innovative solutions are co-created for issues of life, living and working. Lastly, Maurice is member of the Trendnetwerk. 




Nico de Wijk (Interface)

Nico de Wijk is currently working for Interface, the company that proved that circular economy can be the future. Interface already defined its mission ‘’not to have no negative impact on the envirionment’’ in 1994.  Nico will be able to provide valuable insight from a leading company in the field of circular economy. Before working for Interface, he worked as a Merchant navy officer and held a logistical position at a textile importer, after which he
joined Nike. At Nike he held several positions in Purchasing and Product Development based in Germany, The Netherlands and Indonesia. Now, he works for Interface as Purchasing Manager responsible for the purchasing of raw materials.