Seepje is 100% natural and fair trade detergent from Nepal. The company washes clothes with the Sapindus mukorossi-fruit super peel which gives a natural form of soap in contact with water.

Together with you we want to wash the world cleaner and more beautiful! Because when you wash your clothes with Seepje we combine conservation in Nepal. We also there directly improve the working and living conditions in the country! Consequently, we employ people with mental and / or physical disabilities, to become an indispensable role in the production behind Seepje“.

Seepje uses its products by pealing the Sapindus mukorossi-fruit from the Sapindusbomen, known to grow in abundance in and around the Himalayas. Due to Nepal’s favorable climate it is possible to grow the fruit in greater abundance and quality! When the peel of the fruit is dried, it has special properties that allow for great clothing washing. Locals of Nepal have been using this practice to wash their clothes for decades. Seepje uses the same practice to provide a sustainable chain of washing products to the Netherlands.

With that being said, it comes clear that Seepje has taken part in the change. Sign-up and be part of the change together with Seepje.

They will take part in the Enactus Speaker Series between 17.00-19.00 on the 22nd of March. Save the date.