Your Platform for Measuring Impact


Do you want to measure your impact on society? Do you want to involve stakeholders to understand what changes for them? Do you want to be accountable for the broader concept of value? But does all this collecting and reporting take too much time and effort? That’s where Sinzer can best help you.

Sinzer is an inclusive software platform for measuring impact and gaining insights that will help maximize your value. The benefits of using Sinzer are the following:

1. Save time by using templates, databases and efficient data-entry options
2. Involve your stakeholders via online surveys and invite others to help with your analysis
3. Make better-informed decisions by visualizing your impact and benchmarking your data

Furthermore, the company enables you to map your impact, collect data efficiently and analyse the results. Sinzer offers unprecedented features for measuring, monitoring and managing your impact, whether you’re a public authority, social enterprise, investor/funder, non-profit or consultancy firm. Its software can be used for strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation and communicating about impact.

Measuring impact with Sinzer will help you make better decisions, improve your impact and be accountable to stakeholders”

Sinzer, together with Solve Consulting, are part of the change. Be part of it too and sign-up for the Erasmus Sustainability Days.

They will take part in the Erasmus Sustainability Days between 15.00 and 17.00 on the 23rd of March. Save the date.