Sponsors of the ESD2020

The Erasmus Sustainability Days would have not been possible without the special help of our sponsors. Check them below!

Platinum Sponsors

COUNT. is a group of global trading and logistics services companies whose purpose is to contribute to a sustainable future. Based in Rotterdam, they offer global logistics services throughout the entire supply chain.

COUNT. is also currently looking for new interns! If you’re excited about making a positive impact on the world, follow them on their LinkedIn page or email them at !

Rotterdam Circulair is an initiative focusing on circular economy, a concept which is becoming more and more a necessity these days.

Their ambition is to make the city 100% circular by 2030. How? By making the city a living experiment, fostering innovation, and pioneering projects. 

Want to learn more about exciting projects? Follow them on rotterdamcirculair.nl!

Rotterdam Duurzaam is a website developed by the city hall of Rotterdam, where every citizen can find any information regarding sustainability in the city. From sustainable businesses, to citizens initiatives and tips on living more sustainably, the initiative aims at raising awareness on the issue among everybody.

Excited to discover more sustainable initiatives going on in our city? Check them out on 010duurzamestad.nl

The Erasmus Trust Fund supports numerous projects for students, researchers and the entire Erasmus community. The ETF believes it is important that students can also develop socially and culturally and feel at home on campus and in Rotterdam. Because of this, they encourage and support extensively extra-curricular programs and activities. 

Gold Sponsors

One of the many initiatives of COUNT. is the impact investment fund called Infinity Recycling, dedicated to creating markets for end-of-life waste streams by investing in waste technologies. Their aim is to make waste a profitable commodity.

Deltalinqs promotes common interests of over 95% of all logistics, ports and industrial enterprises in main port Rotterdam. Deltalinqs strives to strengthen Rotterdam’s competitiveness, sustainable growth and social and political acceptability for all activities within the port and industrial area; all for the benefit of our members. Deltalinqs’s general principles are entrepreneurship and innovation.

Media Partnerships

We would like to thank Erasmus University in general, for allowing and supporting the creation of this event. We would also like to thank them for the precious advice and the help given in raising awareness.

We would like to thank the Erasmus School of Economics for constantly believing in this project, offering precious advice and raising awareness on the event on their social media.

We would like to thank the Rotterdam School of Management for constantly providing support throughout the years to the Hub and to the ESD through precious advice and sharing our event on social media.

We would like to thank the Erasmus School of Law, for helping us in raising awareness on the event and supporting us.