HOw to buy esd tickets

Excited yet? If you wish to join the ESD, you have two options!

Buy your ticket online

Click on the link below and follow the instructions! The total cost of the ticket will be 8.59€ (including 0.59 of fee.

Once bought the ticket, you will receive a confirmation via email. Save it, you will need it as confirmation to participate to the various activities!

Buy your ticket on campus

You will be able to buy the ticket in person (for the price of 8€) from the 3rd of February to the 21th of February during week days from 11 am to 4 pm in Mandeville T-3. You will be able to pay by cash or card, and you will still receive a confirmation via email.

How to join the ESD activities

Check our schedule here and discover the many activities we offer. Once you decide which ones you would like to join, please open the Facebook link provided and let us know you’re interested by clicking on “Going”.


AIESEC activity requires a CV selection and the Cooking Workshops have limited spots, so please make sure to really register through the Google Form that you will find on the respective Facebook pages.

Out of all the tickets sold, 20 tickets will be randomly drafted. If you’re the lucky one, you will be able to participate in a tour of the Blue City on Monday the 24th!

When buying the ESD ticket without an ESH membership, you automatically receive a membership.

The amount of goodie bags are limited, as we only have 300 pieces. You will be able to receive yours during the Opening Ceremony on the 24th, in Senate Hall. We’ll be waiting for you!