100% Green energy in the Netherlands

The "Airbnb" for green power (nrc) // "One of the world changing ideas of 2015" (FaST CoMPANY)

Other than offering green energy, Vandebron offers biodegradable nationwide green gas. Natural gas from the Netherlands with CO2 offset of the Gold Standard. This is the highest mark in the field of climate, and in addition to reducing CO2 their projects also make a contribution to local communities.

As opposed to traditional energy production, Vandebron has its very own strategy that gives benefits to the consumer as well as the environment.

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In essence, Vandebron has become the leader in energy provider in the Netherlands, and it does not want to stop here. Having brought sustainability as the epicenter of their business, it is clear that they are part of the change. Join them by signing up for the Erasmus Sustainability Days.

They will take part in the Erasmus Sustainability Days between 11.00 and 13.00 on the 24th of March. Only Dutch students can participate in this event. Save the date!