01-05 March 2021
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Erasmus Sustainability Days is the flagship event of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub and the largest sustainability-oriented event organized at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Erasmus Sustainability Days last 5 days, with each day focusing on a different topic ranging from social, environmental or political issues.

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2021 Edition

2021 edition is organised under the theme "DIY - Do It Yourself Sustainability". Given Covid-19, most of the time we stay at home. Therefore, our focus this year is to convey knowledge to the participants on how to be sustainable from the comfort of your own home.  

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DIY - Do It Yourself Sustainability

The New Normal
The corona crisis has brought a lot of uncertainty and the world is facing change. People are rethinking the way things have been done normally. On this day, you can learn more about the influence that the crisis has had on the world and our sustainable future.
You, Yourself & Sustainability
This day focuses on you - how YOU can contribute to a more sustainable world. You will learn sustainable hacks for your every-day life in various workshops and have the opportunity to reflect on your own consumption habits. You will also be introduced to various sustainable businesses.
Knowledge, Empowerment, Actions
The third day provides you with knowledge about sustainability and its contextual issues, including human rights, gender equality and community empowerment. You will get to know various student initiatives, as well as non-profit organizations that will educate you about their actions and you will get the chance to become involved yourself!
Innovation and technology are strongly linked to sustainability. Hence, this day focuses on how different innovations can pave the way towards a sustainable future, and how YOU can become part of it. Companies from various industries will join, to show how they approach sustainability innovatively.
Think Local
This day will focus on what you can do in your own surroundings. You are presented with local companies, initiatives and actions. With a focus on Rotterdam, which is becoming more sustainable every day, you will get to know what opportunities are offered locally.
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