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The conference would not happen without the help of our amazing sponsors, companies, guests and EUR student associations. We would like to thank everyone who is contributing to the success of ESD 2021!

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Who made the conference possible

Our Sponsors

The Erasmus Sport foundation is responsible for management of the Erasmus Sport Center. Erasmus Sport offers an extensive sports program all through the academic year, under the leadership of enthusiastic instructors and trainers. They supervise the individual sportspeople or train the teams of the sports clubs affiliated with Erasmus Sport.
Platinum Sponsor
Ecowarehouse is an EU distributor, specialized in sustainable non-food products. Our products persue zero-waste, a plastic free world and the prevention of foodwaste. With everything we do zero waste & sustainability are on top of mind. We believein a plastic free world, without waste of either food or the use of unnecessarytoxic materials. Of course we can not do this alone. We need advocates &supporters, as much as our planet needs our products, like for example FoodHuggers. Together we can reach this goal.
Platinum Sponsor
The Student Hotel brings together student accommodation, hotel rooms, co-working, meetings and events in a new and inspiring hospitality concept. It is already present in more than 13 countries and engages in unique initatives such as BedTalks or TSH Changemakers Challenge.
Platinum Sponsor
The Erasmus Trust Fund is the official support fund of Erasmus University Rotterdam, one of the top universities in Europe. Researchers and students in Rotterdam are working on solving societal challenges. The Erasmus Trust Fund supports scientific research and students of Erasmus University since 1913. Erasmus Trust Fund is one of the ESD2021 main funding partner, based on the Impact for Sustainability Fund.
ScanCom is a global leader in the garden furniture industry with corporate social responsibility,su stainability and design deeply ingrained in their DNA.  Their dedication to sustainable production and development continues to grow day by day. Rethinking an innovative way to reuse post-consumer waste to create eco-friendly designs that both look great and encourage a sustainable environment; ScanCom is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing products madefrom recycled plastic, FSC-certified wood and much, much more.                                                                                  
Platinum Sponsor
At 9teas we only sell loose leaf tea because we believe that loose leaf tea not only tastes the best, but is also the best for our planet. At 9teas we are proud to say that our packaging is fully recyclable and 100% plastic-free. We sell 9 different teas in glass jars with colorful prints, inspired by the nineties (hence "9teas"). Although we do everything we can to keep our emissions to a minimum, this is not the solution to the waste problem. That is why we also like to contribute in other ways. For that reason we donate 5% of our net profit to the Plastic Soup Foundation.
Silver Sponsor
Who Will Join Our Events

External Partnerships

Staiy is the progressive and editorial-driven online retail concept, rooted in refined aesthetics, ethics and innovation with the purpose to give a new face to sustainability.
Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL) is an academic think tank based in Utrecht, with as its members mostly professors from different Dutch universities. SFL focuses on how sustainability has come on the agenda of the financial sector over the recent years and discuss what lays before us, and how finance can accelerate the sustainability transitions.
Perpetual Products is an e-commerce aimed at providing a concrete alternative to wasteful single-use consumption. Via a subscription-based business model, it offers  organic and sustainable products close to supplier price.
MOH International is a United Nations certified consulting group, working as a trusted partner with heads of state, government ministries, development agenciesand business leaders on their most pressing issues on gender equality and economics.
The Prostitution Information Center (PIC) is a non-profit information and education center about sex work in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. It was set up in 1994 by former sex worker Mariska Majoor. PIC serves as an educational platform with the aim to fight stigmas surrounding sex work.
Meatable is a company pioneering a way to make real meat without the need to harm animals or the planet. With their product you can enjoy real meat, without any of the drawbacks associated with traditional farming. No animals are killed, fewer emissions are released, and significantly less land and water are required. And, unlike plant-based alternatives, their product is literally meat. It has the same taste, texture and nutritional benefits — it’s exactly the same thing.
Erasmus University is a public university located in the Netherlands and a home for our mother associations - Erasmus Sustainability Hub. The university was founded in 1913 and currently is home to 7 diverse faculties!
Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees - they donate 80% of their profits generated from online ads to reforestation projects all over the world. Since it was founded in 2009, Ecosia planted more than 100 million trees!
Startup Funding Event is a platform for startups where they can present their work, network with each other and gain exposure. The platform also organises a conference where panel, startup exposure, professional recording & pictures as well as networking with investors is achieved.
WhyNot3 is a community that promotes balance in wealth, relationships and health. They do it through a variety of workshops, book selling, masterclasses, coaching, retreats and challenges.
They share the view with a growing number of scientists that the continued use of animals is in fact a hindrance to scientific progress and improvement of human health. If we want to improve healthcare for everyone, a transition from the existing scientific mindsets and practices is essential. This can only be achieved by fully replacing animal-based research methods with innovative, human-relevant approaches.
Lightning Video Editing is a video tech agency for inspirational brands that puts clients first. We invented a cutting-edge AI video editing technology to providebeautiful award-winning videos.
Fair Tourism is a non-profit foundation based in the Netherlands with the aim of raising awareness about sustainable tourism (for example by giving workshops at educational institutions), and helping communities develop community-based tourism (CBT).
Dopper is a Dutch company that markets plastic refillable water bottles to prevent the use of plastic disposable bottles. It also encourages the use of tap water and raises awarness regarding plastic sea waste through a variety of programs or Join the Wave movement.
Gutundgut is an innovation management, project development and consulting companybased in Zurich and Rotterdam, specialized in creating sustainable tourism projects and infrastructures. Their mission is to support clients in developing their ideas and projects in a sustainable way, taking into account local communities, existing resources and the environment.
Erasmus MC, like any university medical center, has these three core tasks: patient care, research and education. Valorisation, the social or economic utilization of knowledge obtained from research, is generally regarded as a fourth core task.
Erasmus MC, like any university medical center, has these three core tasks: patient care, research and education. Valorisation, the social or economic utilization of knowledge obtained from research, is generally regarded as a fourth core task.
Blue City is a place where visitors and companies from all over the world come to see how the new economy is taking shape; they are guaranteed to be inspired in Blue City meeting spaces, studios and rooms, some located at the bottom of a pool. Blue City hosts online and offline eventsthat give them the tools to change - both for their company and in their own lives.
The Craft Bubble is an organic handmade soap maker that it is growing up in Amsterdam since 2019. The soaps are made in cold process, which means they are made in the best procedure in order to keep inside all the properties of the oils, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc… which are used to make them
Reshirt is Rotterdam-based sustainable lifestyle brand and a part of Enactus EUR. They collect textile waste, cut, weave, and sew unwanted materials to transform them into one of a kind handmade pieces for your home and personal style. Their mission is to make the consumer aware of textile pollution and shift the behaviour towards sustainable and profitable solutions.
FALAFVAL turns waste into taste by making delicious vegan falafel from leftover vegetables and legumes. Their mission is to create a sustainable food chain that serves both us and our planet. Because at FALAFVAL, we know from experience that food tastes better when it's good.
Renewi strives to be the leading waste-to-product company by contributing to a sustainable society for our key stakeholders: customers, employees, local communities and our shareholders. Their aim is to obtain value from waste instead of burning or dumping it.
What if we did not see fruit waste as a residue but as a valuable starting material? Over the years we have been experimenting on how to convert left-over fruit into leather-like material. By doing so, we are able to bring a eco-friendly and animal-friendly product to the market.Our aim is that Fruitleather can be made into footwear and fashion accessories and can be used in the interior and furnishing industry.
Timberland is an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoors wear. They have well-developed CSR including the planting of trees, creating strong communities and creating more sustainable products.
Renewd wants to become the leading provider of premium branded refurbished iPhones and iPads globally by offering the highest possible quality at a competitive price. By doing this Renewd gives their customers an outstanding value for money.
Extinction Rebellion is a diverse group of ordinary friendly people who are deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crises. We are mothers defending our children, we are children aspiring to have a future and we are grandparents rebelling for life. In less than a year, we have grown from a small group of people to a competent, powerful and fun social movement with hundreds of local groups in almost sixty countries.
Inside Rotterdam takes visitors of Rotterdam on a trip to discover the real nature of the city. In small groups you explore Rotterdam with different eyes, and get a real look behind the scenes. We offer a range of original (self) guided tours on bike or foot: in the harbor, on rooftops, in the Wild West, with food tastings and covering the highlights.
Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GZG – ‘Veggies without borders’) is an initiative that collects leftover products from markets and stores and gives them a second chance by organizing free weekly dinner parties.
NL Cares is the platform for flexible volunteering. You do an activity when it suits you and choose something that suits you, without making a firm commitment. In this way you come into contact with people who could use extra support, such as children and young people from disadvantaged situations, the elderly, migrants, the homeless and people with disabilities.
Zorgzaam010 is the online platform in Rotterdam where people seeking or offering help find each other. The offer and the questions in the field of volunteering come together here. Do you like to have a cup of coffee with someone? Do you want to walk the neighbor's dog? Or can you use extra hands to freshen up your garden? Then place a question or your offer on Zorgzaam010. Once, every week, everything in between and near you. Reliable, easy and free!
Help to people in need. That is what the Red Cross stands for. Close by, if you run on blisters during the Four Days Marches or if you sprain your ankle during a running race. If you have to leave your house due to a gas leak or if you are standing in glass at a festival. But also far away. People who have lost loved ones when they fled violence in their village, or whose homes have been swept away by a mudslide.
Seamore’s founder discovered a seaweed that looks like pasta. Inspired, he started on a mission to upgrade our favorite foods with tasty, healthy and sustainable sea veggies. Ever since we have been diving for the best seaweed products.
The Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) is a registered non-governmental organization in Ghana, founded in September 2010 that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate children in street situations in James Town and Accra Central, Ghana
Gimsel is a store in de Groene Passage that has been certified by the EKO quality mark since 2012. They are strict with the EKO quality mark: the store must, for example, sell more than 90% organic items, sell at least three of the four fresh groups that are 100% organic and - even if the store is already doing well - also show what their improvement objectives to be. So we can be a little proud of this quality mark.
Nexio Projects is an international consultancy and project management firm. They partner with their clients and assist them through every step of their sustainability journey. They offer an integrated service to help you turn sustainability from a vague idea to a set of goals and actions tailored to your organisation.
Stoned Candles is a business created by Annabel - a Creative Business Student at Saxion.   She hasmany hobbies and really enjoys making things herself. This also applies to candles, so she chose to make her own candles, with a little bit of extra flair of course!  She started her own small business on Instagram and Etsy to sell her candles, if you would like to follow me, my Instagram is @StondedCandles.nl
Signify is the world leader in lighting. They provide professional customers and consumers with quality products, systems and services. And their connected lighting offerings bring light and the data they collect to devices, places and people - redefining what light can do and how people use it. Their innovations contribute to a safer, smarter more sustainable world.
Free Press Unlimited supports media and journalists worldwide but particularly in countries with limited (press) freedom. They are close to their audience and are the best guarantee for a sustainable, professional and diverse media landscape.
Who Helped us organise the events

EUR Partnerships

One of the Erasmus University goals within the 2019-2024 strategy is ‘taking responsibility for sustainability'. The university aims to contribute to a sustainable society by critical and dedicated thinking, teaching, and action in research, education, operations and partnerships.
Rethink Apparel aims to make sustainable fashion more accessible to students by raising awareness about the urgent need for sustainability in the fashion industry and by promoting slow fashion. They also  serve as an educational platform.
The association operates according to a vision – Bridging the gap between the Fashion and Luxury Industry with University students. NFS offers a variety of professional events to engage students and professionals in a meaningful dialogue.
USTR is a student-led UNICEF volunteer group based in Rotterdam that provides a platform to create positive and impactful change for children's well-being. This year we are raising money for the Light Mothers in Burundi to help battle the severe malnutrition of children in the country.
SOLVE Consulting is a student association aimed at creating social impact through connecting ambitious students to various socially involved organizations.
AIESEC is a globalnetwork of people that simply believe that youth leadership is not an option, but our responsibility. They actively promote and drive youth participation inimplementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
ECE Students is the official entrepreneurial association. at EUR. Their mission is to empower aspiring founders and student entrepreneurs to achieve more in their creative journeys, while spreading entrepreneurial thinking on the EUR campus.
The Erasmus Food Lab is an organization aiming to promote and raise awarness about sustainable and healthy food. It is and experimental playground for research, teaching and marketing related to plant-based food.
As the largest student-led tech organization in Benelux, ETC actively collaborates with private-sector companies (such as Google, Microsoft & IBM) to organize events and workshops where experts share their insights on the latest technologies and trends.
EcoCoin is a platform where students can engage in socially responsible and sustainable activities. Upon completion of a challenge, students can claim their rewards through a number or QR code which will give them an X amount of EcoCoins. By collecting EcoCoins in your wallet, you can also spend these on one of the many rewards from the EcoCoin partners.
The Centre for Sustainability Student Community is a student initiative across disciplines, to create enthusiasm and awareness about sustainability and the circular economy. Moreover, we aim to connect students to sustainability experts and professionals via events and attract students to write their thesis at the Centre for Sustainability.
Edible EUR is all about raising awareness of organic farming. The team hopes to inspire, inform and activate towards a truly sustainable way of living and working. They also aim to get Erasmians to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home. Their main responsibility is the maintenance of the campus garden but they also host many events around the theme of gardening.
RSM is the international business school of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. One if its missions is to create positive change around the Sustainable Development Goals through its SDG ambassadors, video series and other.
VSA Rotterdam and its member chapters aims to build and maintain a supportive community of vegan(-minded) students, to bring veganism to the attention of students as an effective means of helping animals and the planet, and to create a facilitating environment with the purpose of making veganism easier, more enjoyable and affordable.
EUR on Ecosia is a student initiative that is working towards making Ecosia the default search engine of EUR. By adopting Ecosia as the university’s default search engine, EUR could offset its carbon footprint and join the fight to save the planet!
PPG strive to spread awareness regarding the broad and intriguing theme of waste management and up-cycling. Their team makes sure to accomplish our goals by organizing, initiating and supporting projects, events and research papers surrounding the topic.
180 Degrees provides socially conscious organizations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. They work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing.
Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam is a local student group supporting Amnesty International in its fight for human rights. AISR organises educative and interactive events such as lectures, film screenings, and pub quizzes and actively campaigns on social media about human rights topics.
Women’s Business Network (WBN) aims to support ambitious students to start their careers and reach their full potential. They strive to close the gender gap by bringing young women together and raising awareness for gender inequalities and unconscious biases while providing students with the tools to tackle these.
The Alive project focuses on the practices of mindfulness and yoga for students. By doing this, the connection between mindfulness and sustainability is explored because we act in accordance to our values, which influence our sustainable behavior.
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